Active meditation can be done anywhere. No need for a quiet room, a special seat, or smelly candles.

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Learn about our signature program, AMP (Active Meditation Practice).

"Traditional" meditation teaches you to work toward getting out of your head, escaping or transcending your body. Active meditation empowers you to be in your body, engaging your mind and inviting spirit in.  

When you are fully present in your body, your whole point of view and experience of the world starts to shift. Your mind, body, and spirit are integrating and working together; everyday experiences feel lighter and more amusing, big goals feel easier to achieve.


Real life results:

"I didn't have a whole lot of experience with meditation and mindfulness going into this, but was feeling very stuck and certainly a little lost (as most of us 20-somethings do). I decided to give this [AMP] a try and in just a few months I've been feeling more confident and ready to put myself out there and change for the better. Since I started with the AMP program I've left a job that was making me unhappy, applied for a school, and started making healthier choices. Maybe you think meditation isn't for you - but if you're feeling a little lost or out of control, maybe it is!"
- Samantha, New Hampshire

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