Active Meditation is the new yoga - we teach you to bring time-honored ancient tools into the here and now, into your life, your way. 

Download a new Daring Spirits active meditation each week right here. Consider it an invitation to a new level of mindfulness.

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True daring spirits are not limited by geography. We teach in a way that fits *your* life - all of our guided meditations and programs are available to download immediately. You set the pace. You decide when it's class time.

Because we offer our programs this way, you're not showing up for us - you're showing up for yourself. Isn't it time?

We believe that the ability to mindfully engage in life, see your path clearly, and know your answers is accessible to all, so Daring Spirits operates on a pay-what-you-want pricing system. Click on the Be Daring menu to explore our programs and learn more.

We're creating space for you to be daring. Will you?

A note about readings and healings.

Laughter is the shortest distance between two people." - Victor Borge

While we at Daring Spirits appreciate and stand in awe of the power of Spirit, we also know that accessing it is easier when we approach it from higher vibrations. That's why we place such a premium on neutrality and amusement. We begin in a light-hearted place, and intentionally read and heal with truth and love delivered with unapologetic honesty, non-judgement, and, yes, frequent laughter. When you get a reading, nothing - not one thing - that we tell you will be news to you. It's your information, it's energy that's hanging around you. It's kind of like someone walking in to your closet and saying, "Hey, look at these shoes!" about a pair you'd forgotten you own. There's nothing to fear.


Learn about our signature program, AMP (Active Meditation Practice).

"Traditional" meditation teaches you to work toward getting out of your head, escaping or transcending your body. Active meditation empowers you to be in your body, engaging your mind and inviting spirit in.  

Download an excerpt from the AMP eBook Active Meditation is the New Yoga to see why Daring Spirits' Active Meditation Practice is unlike anything you've tried before.

Real life results:


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