#tbt: 3 Ways to Find Your Luck

#tbt: 3 Ways to Find Your Luck

This post originally appeared on March 14, 2017. We bring it back this week as we talk about walking away, connecting to the mindset to achieve your goals, and bringing about what you want in your life. Ready to kick it up a notch, join us in August for our Network Marketing Mindset Boot Camp.  

Oprah has said "luck is preparation meeting opportunity."

If we use that working definition of luck, how can we ensure we encounter luck along our way?

Oily Inspiration: Mood Boosting Blend

Oily Inspiration:  Mood Boosting Blend

Young Living Essential Oils support overall well-being as well as emotional, physical, and spiritual health. We love to use our oils everyday: to give a boost (a whiff of peppermint can wake me right up), to energize throughout the day (diffusing lemon oil, laurus nobilis, and black pepper help us get to work), and to brighten a mood (a few drops of an oil blend as a perfume each morning).