The Power of Yes

I posted a challenge in early February on Facebook:  to say yes to anything and everything that came your way. I participated in the challenge and have continued. 

My husband would argue that I already lived this challenge as he knows ‘no’ is not my favorite word. I would like to think it is not because I’m spoiled (although I know I am spoiled in many ways); rather I like to find possibility in everything.  No eliminates possibility – closes a door. That is a very uncomfortable feeling to me.  And like most people, when something feels uncomfortable, I do my best to avoid that space.

In this challenge, I started saying yes when I typically might say no. For example, a neighbor offered to walk my daughter to school. Simple and silly, right? Normally I would have said “no, no that’s okay” and rounded up 4 kids ages 7 to 1, gotten coats, shoes, or umbrellas, etc (a 20 minute process), gotten my daughter to school in under 5 minutes (we are two blocks away), and come home with three crying kids because they were tired, cold/hot, still hungry, etc, and didn’t want to take their older sister to school in the first place. Lesson learned as I played out the scene in my head, took a second, remembered the challenge, and said enthusiastically “Yes!  Thank you!” 

Then it happened. As with any challenge, sometimes we fall off the wagon, we fall back into old patterns, slip into familiar territory, you get the picture. I was offered something – a medicine from my doctor – and I said “No.” I felt it as soon as it happened. I walked out questioning what I had done. I knew. I knew instantly. What followed was a miserable sore throat that I came to later find out was strep (long story why it took so long to find out) and if I had taken the throat spray while waiting for the results, it might have eased the sore throat slightly and made the days that followed a touch less intense. 

I digress…the point being, I said ‘no..’ It happened before I knew it as so much of life does. You blink and it is gone. You wait and wait, and then it is over. Presents unwrapped, kids grown up; it’s life.

When you consciously choose, consciously decide, to say yes, to accept the gifts that come into your life everyday, everything shifts. Your energy changes. Life becomes more. Saying yes serves as a great first step in opening up to opportunities. @@When you give the Universe a chance, a space to come into your life, amazing things happen.@@

It starts with yes.

Now it’s your turn, what do you say? (Please let it be a yes.)

As we do.