Being Seen

Elizabeth and I spoke not too long ago in a Facebook live about a funny experience I had, wherein someone called what we do "junk." That got me thinking about a lot of things, one of which I want to talk about in this post: being seen (first, though, go watch the video, and not just because I had a fresh mani that looks really good on video).

Hi. Welcome back (and thanks for coming back). It was a big step for me to own my clairvoyance, and it took me years (decades, to be completely truthful) to own my mediumship. I felt pretty vulnerable. I didn't talk about it much at all (I still don't in most circles). Learning to use it responsibly and intentionally took a lot of deep breaths and blowing past limiting beliefs and programming.

It's only been through repeatedly explaining what I mean by clairvoyance* and mediumship** that I feel like I've cleared the "woo woo weirdo" vibe and moved into a space where I know what I know, I know what I've seen and experienced, and I don't give two flying left shoes about what anyone has to say about it. It works for me. 

Is there something in your life that's itching to be validated, to be used, to be seen? What is your inherent creativity telling you? Maybe it's the book that needs to be written, or the TEDTalk that needs to be created, or the clairvoyance that needs a little nod. Whatever it is within you that is calling out to be seen, I encourage you to look at it and let it out like it's your job.

Because, in all honesty, it is your greatest life task to uncover your hidden gifts and let them loose in the world. 

“The universe buries strange jewels deep within us all, and then stands back to see if we can find them.” - Elizabeth Gilbert, Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear

And here's the thing: it's usually not enough to find them for yourself. It's pretty much a spiritual imperative that you share what you uncover. Your gifts are for you to lavish upon the world. Some people might say that they're junk; don't let that deter you.

Find your strange jewels, and let them be seen. Thank the haters for their opinion, if you want to be polite, and move on. You do you.

And notice what happens.

*Clairvoyance, quite simply, means "clear seeing" - it's all about learning to process the energy around you

**Mediumship is more than talking to dear departed loved ones (though you can use it for that, too, if that's your jam). Mediumship 'round these parts means communicating with Spirit. It's something we all do, though some are more conscious of it than others.

ps - if you want some handy tools for clearing out the clutter and uncovering your unique gifts, check out our See Your Life program

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