Breathe and Release

Many things can be released in yoga. Tight hamstrings, emotional tension, expectations, prejudices. I wonder, what do we expect when we come to yoga class? Some people want to lose weight, some want to let go of stress and/or a chatter brain, bring calm into their day.

Yoga is a place to accomplish all of the above. And much more.

When in a pose and it feels awkward, breath often helps to release the awkwardness. When we judge ourselves, for being not good enough in our pose, we tend to hold our breath. So whenever you feel, this pose doesn’t look good, doesn’t feel good, feel for your breath. Where can you sense it? Maybe you are breathing very little or are even holding it, since your mind is focused on judgment, on questioning what on earth you are doing. Move your focus to your breath, one of your most powerful allies in releasing anything.

If the breath cannot be changed after focusing on it, it usually is a good idea, to either get out of the pose or adjust it. Your breath will tell you, whether this is something we can breathe through or not. If not, let go of the pose, try again or try something else.

Maybe you can use this analogy throughout your day as well. Feeling tense, uncomfortable, check in with your breath. Can you focus on it to move your attention to the inside, maybe the situation then will relax or you can take action to change things, and find your choices.  

What ever you want to release, breath is a very powerful tool you can use at any time of the day or night.

Sat Nam.

photo: Romy Eichner