3 Meditation Techniques

Long weekends create space for TLC, re-energizing, refreshing, and connecting to or reviving your active meditation practice! 

To assist you, we bring you three active meditation techniques to amplify your practice:

1. Color. Bring color in to your meditation. Pick your favorite color, the first color that comes to mind, or a few different shades of the same color, and image it filling your body and space. Let the color surround you and be a healing to your body, mind, and spirit. When done, you can drain the color out through your grounding cord or let it stick around. 

2. Photo finish. Bring your end game to your meditation practice. Start from the finish line and work backwards. Visualize what you want to see in the end - feel it, sense it - and then let the Universe reveal the dots. (Note: be present to connect the dots.)

3. Location, location, location. Change up your meditation hangout. Notice when and where you have an extra minute or two and take it to meditate. Any time is a great time to meditate. Keep it light, have fun, and make it work for you!

PS - for more techniques, check out our AMP (Active Meditation Practice) program available now!