3 Ways to Find Your Luck

Oprah has said "luck is preparation meeting opportunity."

If we use that working definition of luck, how can we ensure we encounter luck along our way?

1. Connect to your energy. When we stand in our truth, know ourselves, trust our information, magic, or luck, happens. Have you ever tried (note the word, tried) to do things like someone else? How did it work for you? Perhaps for a few minutes, a little while, it worked. Maybe you were learning something new and mirroring the person helping you learn it. However, at some point you have to connect to your way, you have to integrate and make the information work for you. When you do, things (usually) fall in to place.

2. Follow your passion. We all have things, people, places we are drawn to and when we follow those inclinations, "luck" follows. Our path opens and possibilities open up. The Universe responds when we follow our dreams, our ideas, our visions, and seize the opportunities presented.

3. Notice resistance. Have you ever felt determined to do something? Despite roadblocks, challenges that keep popping up, or interruptions along the way, you continue undeterred? Rather than keep going, pause, and take note of the resistance. Then adjust accordingly. Examine what you are doing and follow the signs. See if the blocks are actually creating space for you to look and see something else, a different angle, a new perspective. 

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