#tbt: 4 Ways to Create Inner Peace

Lots is changing right now and with that changing comes uncertainty. Perhaps there is always a lot changing, simply with the speed at which news travels, things seem to change faster these days. With that in mind and the holidays approaching, we thought we would share our top 4 ways of creating peace in our lives:l

1. Ground. So simple and easy, this is our fall back when it comes to finding peace. Give yourself a grounding cord from your body to the center of the earth. Imagine any image, a line or color, a tree trunk, whatever pops up for you and is easy to visualize. Let the image connect your body to the center of the earth. Notice how instantly you feel connected, centered, and, well, peaceful.

2. Get moving! Take a walk, do a few jumping jacks, yoga it up with down dog for several breaths, whatever feels good to you. Movement in the body helps clear out the stuck and bring in the calm. It's a win-win.

3. Take a 30 second vacation in your mind's eye. We call it the center of your head and the place to find neutrality or non-judgment. You can spend all day there, really, and find it by pulling your attention back from the bridge or your nose to the center of your head. It's a fun place to be and hang out. Check it out and instantly notice your perspective shift. Ah, that feels better.

4. Sing your favorite song really loud (or as loud as you can without disrupting your office mate, or go ahead and disrupt him/her, they could probably use the break too). (Note:  I did sort of borrow this idea from the movie Elf with Will Ferrell, bonus tip, watch a funny movie.) Singing changes your breath and often requires deeper inhales and exhales which in turn brings more oxygen to your body and when that happens the body automatically relaxes. So, take a deep breath and belt it out -- you will feel more at peace in a few harmonious moments! 

Give these tips a go, keep them in your back pocket for those chaotic and stressful moments, and share them with friends. Find the one or two that work best for you and practice them. When you connect to your peace, everyone benefits. 

PS - For more tips and tricks to find your inner peace and more zen moments in your life, check out our weekly *free* active meditations on our home page (and don't forget the library page, where you'll find ALL the past Monday Meditations) and purchase our AMP (Active Meditation Practice) program which details a couple of the tips in this blog and more!