#tbt: Gimme Five!

This post originally appeared on March 15, 2016.
I've never done this on a throwback before, but I feel this particular post calls out for a little addendum. See my notes at the end. xoxo -Barbara


I love how the universe cheers me on when I am heading in the right direction. That's called validation, the ultimate high-five, and it feels so much better than a cosmic slap upside the head - or the brick-wall feeling that arises out of stubbornly trying to get something to fit where I want it, when it doesn't belong there!

One of my favorite spiritual high-fives is personal book recommendations. I always get a tingle in my soul when someone says, "Here's a book/author you have to read. I think you'll love it/him/her!"

When someone shares a book that deeply resonates with me right where I am at the moment, it's like being seen and greeted by Spirit. Sometimes, I can't put the book down until I've devoured every word. Other times, the recognition is so powerful, so intense, that I have to let the book sit in my space, unopened, for a little while before I can have what it's trying to give me. Have you ever had that experience?

I had a devour this response when someone recently showed me Nadia Bolz-Weber's book, Pastrix. Self-professedly a little misanthropic, messy, deeply faithful, unflinchingly honest, and constantly questioning - my first response was, she's just like me! Well, except for the facts that she's a recovering alcoholic and a Lutheran pastor...pesky details.

Now I'm curiously awaiting the moment that it all becomes clear to me why this particular book, this particular woman, came into my consciousness. In the meantime, I'll bask in the validation from the universe, the cosmic high-five that it represents (and ponder another tattoo...).

What are you reading? How did it come to you? Can you identify another way that you get validation from your higher power?

Look for & receive your spiritual high-fives. 

And notice what happens.


Last week, I went to see the author referenced in this post, the Pastrix herself, when she came to Boston to promote her latest book. It was, as so many things are, a perfect example of the Universe meeting me exactly where I'm at.

From the friends that attended with me to the content of her talk to the conversation my friends and I had over dinner after the reading, I was acutely aware of the information I was receiving on a spirit level. The resounding message was, "keep going." Keep going with exploration of faith and what that looks like to me right now, keep going with spiritual transformation, and - perhaps most relevant to this space - keep going with opening the conversation over and over again, because people are listening. 

So, daring ones, I am emboldened by the Pastrix to ask for something from you. If you read this blog regularly (or if you read this post, even) and it lights something up for you, if it encourages you or challenges you or validates you in some way - please let me know. Comment here, or by email or message or Facebook or carrier pigeon - give me a "hell yeah, this is worth your time!" of some kind.

I promise, it ties in to our theme this week of "being where you are."  I'm in a place where a little encouragement would go a long way. Thanks.

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