Do you see spirit?

Kids see spirit. 

If you have ever seen a baby staring at something, looking past you, lighting up when you walk in the room even when you are too far away for them to know it is you, they are seeing spirit. I have had countless people tell me that their children come up with stories or information they could not possibly know. 

Kids talk to spirit. 

At some point, most kids close themselves off to spirit. Most likely that is you. You are reading this blog and remembering when you used to see spirit or times in your life where you saw something, knew something, felt something that perhaps you couldn't exactly understand or know. That is spirit. Communicating with you. 

Kids are open to spirit.

Kids aren't afraid of spirit. They don't think anything is wrong or different when they see, notice, or talk to spirit. It's not until later, something shifts as they get older, when they realize not everyone is tuning into spirit.

Spirit is everywhere. Your spirit is communicating with you all the time. Spirits are dancing around us all everyday. It only takes a moment to see, talk to, and open to spirit. 

As we do.