What Does the Past Tell You......

I met him and it was like I’d known him forever……

This friendship does not work for me, but I feel like I can’t let it go….

I always feel like I’m mothering my mother…..

I feel strangely drawn to the West Coast, although I’ve never been there before…

I am wildly afraid of horses for no particular reason….

What do all these statements have in common?

Many of these feelings and relationships can be explained by past lives. Those feelings you just can’t shake, the relationships that feel karmic, most often are shadows of experiences from past lives. By highlighting the past life and examining the relationship, you can then bring the relevant information to the present and let the rest go. When I took clairvoyance training I was absolutely fascinated by past lives, enchanted with the ability to look into my own. Then when I started doing my own readings I found that they came up again and again while working with clients. Sometimes people are put back into our lives after a past life has left things unsettled. By seeing this, you are able to clear the relationship and move forward with your current purpose.

If you’re still feeling a little skeptical about the idea of past lives, just ask a child. For best results choose one under the age of five, and ask them who they were before they were who they are now, and listen to what they say. For as long as my daughter has been able to form sentences she has told me about when her Mimi, my mother, was her mother. She says it with such conviction there is no denying she believes it wholeheartedly. I will also admit that on numerous occasions I have accidentally called her mom. So perhaps my mom was also my Mimi or maybe that was another life entirely. Some people might say that this is due to a child’s wild imagination; others might say that they are just confused. Children are simply more open to reading energy because they haven’t been told they can’t (yet).

Spoiler alert, you are all clairvoyant you just don’t know it….yet!

So we’ve established how past lives are helpful, we’ve also offered some validity in their existence, now what?

We at Daring Spirits want to teach you how to read your own past lives. We believe in the relevance of reading past lives - that seeing what happened in the past can be exactly the thing needed for clearing our path for the future. Have we sparked your attention?

Take the step to opening up to your own clairvoyance by signing up for Clairvoyant 101: Reading Past Lives!

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