A Little Less Talk

Have you noticed that what you talk about becomes your reality? What you focus on, persists? 

I was called out (ever so gently) the other day on something I have talked about for, well, years, and not actually done (yet). And, while I would have claimed to have already learned this concept, I needed the reminder:  quit talking, get moving. 

When we talk about something, we give that "something," that "thing," energy. The talk can help solve things, can help us find clarity on the things, and can even bring about new information. The danger:  spending so much time talking and forgetting to take action.

In addition, we spend so much time talking, we end up fueling pieces of the story that we may not want to fuel. If we constantly talk about abundance, for example, we will most likely see a lot of places with abundance in our world and experience more abundance in our life. If we constantly talk about sadness and strife, we will most likely see a lot of sadness and strife and experience sadness in our life. 

Disclaimer:  I am not suggesting that every time you talk about something sad, something else sad will happen. Nor am I implying to never discuss sad topics or life events. I am proposing to notice how much time you spend discussing various topics, subjects, emotions, and events in relation to your overall "talk" time. If you are spending 80% of your time discussing one thing or event, perhaps something is not healed from that experience or you are looking for insight you haven't yet received. Maybe it is time to find someone else to discuss the experience with to gain insight and healing.  

When we tell stories, we share experiences. How we tell the story, the details we focus on, the pieces we retell, give life to the story and become part of us.  

What are you talking about these days? Might there be pieces of the story ripe for editing? Or perhaps experiences that no longer need telling? To whom are you speaking? Are they fueling the pieces of the story that uplift or are they giving energy to the parts that lower your vibration? Take a look. See what you notice. Perhaps talk a little less about the stuff you want to clear and simply release it, and instead talk more about what you want to create...

As we do.