#tbt: A Note on Co-Creating

This post originally appeared on April 4, 2016. 

Have you noticed that we talk about creating a lot around here? Well, that's not exactly it - we talk about co-creating. Big difference, right?

I was listening to an interview with the author Thomas Moore recently (Care of the Soul, and about a dozen other really thought-provoking books) in which he said that our role is not to create our reality. Our lives, our experiences, have been created for us - we are born with them, similar to the way that a seed already has the tree inside it. Rather, our role is to get out of the way of the reality that is already unfolding from within us.

I'm not 100% with him on that; I think the case can be made for free will and partnering with the Universe to manifest our experiences...but that's not what I want to write about today.

Today I want to just pause and acknowledge, with gratitude, the thing that puts the "co" in co-creating: God, the Universe, the flow, energy, Spirit, the soul, whatever it is that is beyond our grasp and making this all possible.

Co-creating means acknowledging that we are not solely responsible for it all. We do our part, and the Universe does its part. We don't need to create the whole thing, the elements are all there for us. It's not on us to make something out of nothing. The stories have all been written. 

That's where I do line up with Mr. Moore - the pictures, the energy stories, are all there; they've been in existence since the beginning of time, and will continue long after we're gone. I also agree that it is our role to get out of our own way so that we can see clearly. 

I would take it one step further than he did in his interview, though, and suggest that there are endless variations on that reality. There is an infinite bandwidth of experiences to choose from, and it is on us to continually be choosing the frequencies with which we align.

And that's where my gratitude comes in - I am thankful that I can see and choose as often as I do, and that I do not have to re-invent the world every time I want to choose something different. I don't have to build it from the ground up - I can step into the picture, I can join the conversation, I can select the worldly experiences, already in progress.

To go back to the tree/seed analogy, I suggest that there is more than one tree within each of us. I can bring my attention to the energy of an experience (a particular tree). If I can successfully align with it, I can have it (it will grow). I can see what needs to be done in order to manifest it in my experience and choose whether to do it - or not.

I can get in the flow and co-create.

And notice what happens.

Barbara HolbrookComment