Align, Adjust, Align, Adjust

In addition to my Daring Spirits hat, I get to work in real estate too. I have the pleasure of working with buyers and sellers as they figure out next steps with a very important piece of life - where to live! Perhaps it was always the energy worker in me or the fact that I moved around a fair amount growing up, I have always loved, noticed and tuned in to the energy of homes. 

Through my experiences, alignment plays a big role in, literally, moving forward. When all parties are in alignment with a purchase or a sale, things move easily, almost without effort. When things are not in alignment, something is off, things seem to slow down, to not move as easily, or hit lots of bumps along with way.

Life is like this too. When we are completely lined up with something, even when things are not going as we thought or wanted, even when something doesn't go the way we wanted or we hit a rough patch, we can move forward with relative ease or at least understanding. When are are not in alignment, we encounter friction, angst, harshness, anger, and even hostility. 

To boil it down, alignment is rooted in love. The things, the people, you have an affinity for, you are going to align with easily and effortlessly. Have you noticed that? 

We align with many different things throughout life. As we grow and change, our alignments shift. As we experience and see, our views and perspectives morph. We are dynamic beings, constantly in motion. The challenge is to be aware of our alignments - with whom and with what we are aligning and adjust accordingly as needed. To pay attention and ask: are we consciously moving, literally or figuratively, in alignment with our body, mind, and spirit? And if not, how are we adjusting or how do we need to adjust?