Whose Dream is This?

I have spent time pondering lately...pondering ideas of nature versus nurture, attitude versus personality, innate versus learned. 

I have always had the attitude of "I get to ____," fill it in with whatever you want. I get to go to work, I get to go to the dentist, I get to spend two hours in the grocery store with four kids. You get the idea.

Where did I get this attitude? This energy of enthusiasm in all things both "good" and "bad?" Am I an outlier? Do most share this sentiment?

I am baffled when I hear people tell me they are doing nothing in their life they want to do. Don't get me wrong - I'm not saying my entire life is giggles and ease. However, I approach the opportunity, the tasks, the day to day and the once in a lifetimes with much the same flavor - I get to; how lucky am I; wow, this is an opportunity.

Are we all so programmed that we have to pay our dues? Work for 55 plus years then retire to do what we want? Are we all programmed to believe that working is not fun? Is this present time?

I watched a movie the other week where one of the main characters referenced his job saying something along the lines of "I am one of the few who doesn't believe my job is supposed to be my life and make me happy every day." 

Are you living your dream? If not, why? I'm not saying rush out and quit your job right now. I am suggesting that often it's not an all or nothing. How about bringing in pieces of living your dream now? If you would like to travel more and can't afford the trip to Rome or Paris, start with a trip to Little Italy. If you want to work in an industry you are not currently working, start talking to people that are, start opening the doors to that next step. If you are currently working, see what it is like to go to work with the attitude that you 'get to' work today. It might sound crazy. It might be challenging at first. If you are used to looking at things one way, it can take a while to shift the mindset. 

My guess is when you tweak your perspective, when you start to notice how many things you get to decide you can do, can change, can have right now - you may find that the bigger, scarier picture staring you in the face is not "on no, I'm not living my dream" rather "this is my dream and I am actually living it, now what??"

As we do.


Elizabeth GuilbeaultComment