#tbt: Are We There Yet?

This post originally appeared on March 21, 2016.

Intention. Balance. Mindfulness. Amusement. Confidence.

Simply put, life is better when you show up for it.

That's what it says on our constantly-evolving homepage. Does it leave you scratching your head, wondering what the heck that meansOr do you instantly and effortlessly understand what we're talking about - and feel curious about how you could show up even more in your own life?

When we started this blog last year, we thought our goal was to bring clairvoyance and psychic meditation into the mainstream, demystifying something that seemed shadowy and, frankly, pretty darn "woo-woo" for many people. We're frequently asked, "Why?" (as in, "Why bother?" or "Why would I do that?" or "Why are you eating all that chocolate, you weirdo?" [no one's actually said that out loud, but someone must have thought it]).

Why, indeed? We ask ourselves that all. the. time. We've learned that the goal of getting clairvoyance out of the closet is just the tip of a very big iceberg. We've seen that the practice - the how - is only part of the picture. The bigger picture the why. 

It's about teaching integration. It's helping people practice showing up.

Showing up with our bodies, to experience on a physical level all the things that life in a body has to offer (chocolate, anyone?) and support that body with healthy habits. Confidence.

Showing up with our minds, to process and organize the countless messages that the universe is sending us as we muck about here on Earth and direct our energy with purpose. Mindfulness.

Showing up with our spirits, to embrace the fullness of our beings and remind ourselves that this lifetime is important and integrate our light into all that we do. Amusement.


Because life is better when you're all in. It gets even better when the people around you are all in, as well. Selfishly, we want everyone we touch to be fully present and engaged in the life they're living in this moment, because it's lighter and gentler and easier for all of us that way.

We're committed to going all in. We intend to live our lives mindfully, with confidence and amusement. We aim to be here now. We seek to balance the energies we're handling, and to handle them lightly as they pass through our perception.

We're constantly asking, "Are we there yet?"

Are you? Do you want to? 

Integrate. Be in your body, direct your thoughts intentionally, and play with spirit.

And notice what happens.

Barbara HolbrookComment