BAG (Big Ass Growth)

A couple of summers ago I was in the middle of additions -- an addition to the family (4th child recently born) and an addition to our house. The theme song of my summer whenever things felt a bit stressful became Ingrid Michaelson's Girls Chase Boys where she sings "let's not make it harder than it has to be..." as the refrain.

Since then, I call upon that song whenever I notice myself or see someone in the middle of a BAG period.

Note:  Big Ass Growth refers to periods of stretching, change, where you are taking big steps and becoming more capable. Puberty is a well recognized BAG. 

"Let's not make it harder than it has to be..." 

Simple, right? And yet, sometimes we do. We create struggle, we create harshness, we create resistance. Why do we do that? 

The simple answer:  we are human and it is human nature to react. When things feel uncomfortable, we tense up, we heighten our awareness, we experience fight or flight. Our bodies are hardwired for responding in such a way. And yet, it doesn't really help the situation, does it? 

When gearing up for a big promotion, preparing to become a mom (for the first time or again), working on a big project (like life?), it takes consciousness to stay present to what unfolds, to respond accordingly without reacting in stress or effort, and to trust that when the time presents itself you will have the answer needed.

Easier said than done.

We like to know things (at least I do). We like to see how it turns out, to have the answers. And yet, if we knew everything and how it all went, where would we grow? Where would we have a chance to spread our wings, to attempt greatness, to go for the gold, to go all in? 

If you are daring to go big, if you are venturing out of your comfort zone, if you are looking to change things up in your life and noticing some resistance, feeling some uncertainty, seeing some challenges arise, keep going. You are growing and it might feel big and it's okay. 

Remember, "let's not make it harder than it has to be..."

Be gentle and kind to yourself and others along the way because before you know it, the BAG will be over and you will have grown into a stronger, more capable, better version of you! 

As we do.  

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