Balance in All Things

A lot of us slow down a bit in winter. Colder temps and shorter days create a recipe for snuggling up and getting cozy, reading books, and drinking hot chocolate. While taking things a little slower feels good, one thing I love to keep doing all winter long to keep myself fueled up and ready to play in the snow is drinking my smoothie! 

I would love to say I get really creative with my morning blends (that's more Romy's department). The truth is I tend to stick to my favorites: almond milk, a banana, a few strawberries, kale, and Young Living Essential Oils Balance Complete. Balance CompleteTM is a super-food-based meal replacement. It gives me the energy to get through my morning, whether it includes a workout, work, or errands. I sometimes make extra and save it for a quick lunch on the go, too.

If you are looking to add a boost to your routine, change things up, or liven up your smoothie, check out YL's Balance Complete

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