Receive the love


I had a hard time wrapping my head around our topic this week, I must be honest. What am I receiving, what does it mean to receive, who receives, who gives?

I listened to Elizabeth’s meditation on our page on receiving. One thing that came up for me this time:

When Elizabeth asks what comes to mind when thinking about receiving, I saw the ocean, I saw a beach, and then I saw a pier growing into the ocean. I saw a person walking on the pier and with every step this person took, the pier grew, so the person could keep walking.

I can see this picture as a response to my question as to who receives and who gives. For me, throughout my life the universe has provided numerous support in the form of loving people helping, ideas flowing to me, urges I cannot ignore. As well as books I needed to read, courses I needed to take, tears I needed to cry to be able to release. Walls that had to literally be torn down for me to be able to move on and grow, aka the Berlin Wall. There is also the sun that comes up every day, without it we all would be gone very soon. There is the air we can breathe. There is gravity keeping us on the ground. I can look big or small, the universal support is immense. I think you are getting the picture by now.

I have been supported my entire life by an ever-loving universe, because I am loved. I am deeply loved and adored by universal forces. The pier is being created right before my eyes, every day. I take my steps and support appears.

Can you strengthen your faith, that you too are loved and cared for?

In a conversation I had with Elizabeth, she stated that she wishes everyone on this planet could take 10 minutes to listen to and feel the love the universe has for us. I couldn’t agree more. Every act of violence and hate is born in the energy of fear. We can only fear if we lose faith. In my case faith is restored with every meditation, with every connection with my own self. It’s restored by sitting in silence, by listening to my own heart. Give yourself the gift of receiving the immense love and support the universe has for you.  Receive the universal love, guidance, and support. Meditate.

Romy Eichner1 Comment