Being a Healer from Neutrality

I love doing readings and healings. Being a part of helping someone see or know their next steps is a gift and an honor. 

The question I often get, especially at events or when doing back to back readings/healings is "doesn't that exhaust you?" The answer: No. Why? Because of neutrality.

When I do readings and healings, I am working from the center of my head, my third eye, the space for neutrality and non-judgment (a technique we teach in our signature AMP program). When working from that space, I don't take on energy. I read what is lit up in the person's space, share that info, and then let it go. I don't attach to it or feel the need to fix or solve it. Reading and seeing from the 6th creates space for that to happen.

When we heal from the lower chakras (the fourth is a popular one, check out this video on FB about healing from the 4th versus the 6th), we open ourselves up to taking on energy. We can fall in to the role of attempting to solve the challenge rather than seeing it as separate from us. Seeing and saying hello to an energy is often the healing. The person hearing their information can then take their next steps. 

Think about it: when you are working through something, often you don't want someone coming in and putting their energy on it, you don't want them attempting to take it away from you, and you don't want them deciding how you should solve the problem. Right? Often we want someone to validate our experience (see us), help us see it from different sides/perspectives (read it), offer insight (next steps), and then let us decide how to move forward. 

Neutrality is the difference between responding and reacting. In reading and healing, it's the difference between judging for someone (i.e. deciding for them) and taking on the energy of the situation versus seeing it, reading it, sharing the pictures, and letting them have the information to do what they wish.

Neutrality is a game changer. It fosters space to pull back, to allow. For healers (as so many of us are), it can make or break us. 

If you are finding yourself feeling exhausted (not from running 26.2 miles, simply from helping others as the healer you are), play with neutrality. Give working from neutrality and the center of your head a go. See what shifts and changes for you. Notice how you respond versus react. It may prove to be a game changer for you too.

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