Big Intention

I have been going to a fun (and challenging) yoga class recently. At the start of class, the teacher suggests we set an intention "nothing big," she says, "nothing big, something for you." I love this - she had me at "intention." Intention setting is right up my alley. Where she loses me or rather I notice complete resistance crop up in my entire body is with the instruction to keep it small. I find myself yelling in my head "I'm going for the big intention!"

And then I do. I set a big intention. I go for it. I let whatever intention pops up be the one. I refrain from judging size or likelihood, I simply let it be. World peace. No traffic all the way home. Green lights for the rest of the week. Hours to meditate. Winning a trip to Italy. Hearing from a friend who I haven't spoken to in years out of the blue. 

And then I notice. I pay attention in the weeks that follow. I watch. I see. I believe. I show up for my life. 

And then, you know what? Things happen! Watching, seeing, believing all create space to notice. When you are present, things appear (and then I make the connection to the big intention set a week, two weeks, three months, a year ago, etc). 

The Universe doesn't follow the same time and space limitations we work with on a body level. Sending an intention out to the Universe creates a vibration. Then it is our job to keep going, consciously moving forward, aligning our vibration with those intentions that we sent out to the Universe while the Universe continues working alongside us. When our vibration matches the vibration of the intention...we have it. Wow! Just like that!

Easy, right? 

Not always, as we like things to happen fast and usually right now. Yet, when we set an intention, have neutrality mixed with a bit of patience, and allowance of the Universe to co-create with us, things come together. We can't usually script it and we don't always know exactly how. We have to trust in the unfoldment. 

Next time you are intention setting, go ahead - set the big intention. If you were waiting for permission, here it is. It's time to go for the big intention. No apologies. No judgement. Go for it!

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