Bit by the Inspiration Fairy

Inspiration can strike at the oddest times:  at 2 AM when all you want to do is sleep, while stuck in traffic late for work, when waiting in line to buy groceries. Between people doing amazing things and seeing unbelievable "things" out in the world that people have created and done, inspiration is everywhere. The challenge:  connecting to your inspiration when and where you need it...

The other day Daring Barbara and I were talking about inspiration and I made a joke that I had connected with the "Fairy of Inspiration and Creativity." We both laughed while knowing that I spoke the truth.

Tapping in to your creativity and finding your inspiration has a fairy like energy to it. When you are in your creativity zone and feeing inspired, it's light, gentle, amused, fun, playful - the opposite of effort, the opposite of work. It's "Fairy-like." We all have been there, we all have created from this place. 

The challenge:  finding it when you need it. 

How do you do that? How do you avoid getting stuck? Writer's block? No good ideas? Projects that keep getting jammed up? Patterns that repeat themselves in your life almost as if they are on auto-pilot? 

Inspiration could help with that. More importantly, your inspiration, because inspiration looks a bit different for all of us. You see an idea from somewhere and it sparks something in you, most likely not the same idea, rather your idea for your life. 

We at Daring Spirits use active meditation to connect with our inspiration and creativity. To us, it's an energy that can be seen and described. It can be a color or a symbol that we work with and welcome into our space. It can be an actual Fairy that we welcome to help us with a project. Other times, it's a visualization or even a mantra that helps us step into inspiration.

Inspiration is light. Effort is heavy. Creativity is fun. Feeling stuck is not fun. When it all comes down to it, it's energy and to move from one to the other can be simple with a few tools.

What energy are you connecting with today? Ready to be inspired?

ps - For more tools and techniques to connect with what inspiration looks like to you, check out our signature AMP (Active Meditation Practice) program. 


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