Book Review: White Hot Truth, by Danielle LaPorte

Whatcha readin' these days? We here at Daring Spirits spend a lot of time reading, mostly energy of course! We also devour quite a few books. From time to time, we'll review them here for you. If you want more, let us know in the comments - we can quite easily add to your summer reading list ;)

As a self-proclaimed "spiritual magpie," I feel like I've found a kindred spirit in Danielle LaPorte. I received an advance copy of this book in exchange for an honest review, and I am thrilled to give one.

If you're dancing in the self-help/higher consciousness/spirituality world, add White Hot Truth to the pile of books on your nightstand - not because it offers all the answers, but because it'll keep you grounded and real in your quest for enlightenment. With the calm confidence of someone who's definitely "been there, done that," Danielle comes across more as a trusted friend than a guru, someone you'd rehash your latest spiritual growth period with over a pot of herbal tea (or a bottle of wine, whatever your preference).

Flip the book open to any chapter and find Danielle's signature "Truthbombs", a healthy dose of clarity, and validation that whatever you're feeling, you're not alone. And that, more than anything, is often what we need to know when we're wrestling with the big questions in life.

I appreciate how open Danielle is to talking about spirituality as a part of everyday life (sound familiar?). She's genuinely coming from a place of kindness and light, and it shows in her work. With chapter titles like The Church of Self-Improvement: When worship feels like work and Open, Gentle Heart. Big Fucking Fence: Boundaries for spiritual people and Devotion: I think you're up for it, Danielle confronts and dismantles common spiritual stumbling blocks and gently redirects you back to what you inherently know to be true.

I enjoyed the book, and not just because I found myself smiling and nodding at her observations. She's got a knack with the words, and a heart of pure white hot gold.

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