Our human brains like repetition.

There's comfort in the familiar, in knowing all the words to the song. There's safety in hearing/seeing the same things over and over again. Predictability is soothing.

Slipping on those worn yoga pants. Stopping to watch reruns of Sex and the City again every time they turn up during late-night channel surfing. Driving to the market the same way. Eating the same foods.

Once I've defined the pattern, I can comfortably tune out and let things coast on auto-pilot.

That is indisputably helpful at times, but it's not how I want to spend my entire life.

I want to listen to new music, try new foods, see a variety of scenery. I'm open to change, everything is on the table - except my loved ones and my yoga pants.

What about you? Where are you a creature of habit? What do you do mindlessly because it's how you've always done it? Change it up.

And notice what happens.