Can you see me?

When I look at someone, often I see more than simply brown eyes, blonde hair, five feet six inches tall, grey shirt, male/female. I see their energy. I see their vibration. I see auras, not always in the traditional sense that often people think. I see auras as colors, as words, as images, as information.

Here's where things get interesting:  I forget that when I look at someone they are most likely simply seeing me for my blonde hair, blues eyes, and wardrobe choice. 

Why that's interesting is that sometimes I find myself having a conversation and realizing half way through that we are having a slightly different experience. I am intuiting things -- using my sixth sense if you will -- and seeing information and pictures. Often, I am seeing their spirit.

I also know that on some level, they are seeing my spirit too. The difference is that I am choosing to openly acknowledge it, to validate it. 

As we do.