Chasing Happy

By today's standards, I have a full house. In that full house, there is a lot of chasing that happens throughout the day - children chasing children, parents chasing children, children chasing parents, siblings chasing siblings, all usually accompanied by a lot of laughter. In the midst of it, I often find myself saying one of two things:  "if you stop chasing, he/she will come to you" or "if you stop running, he/she won't chase you." 

Most would agree there is a fair amount of pressure on being happy these days. Doing what makes you happy, finding what makes you happy, posting pictures of what makes you happy. 

Part of the fun is in the chase, right? Is that how it works with being happy?

Which side of the chase are you on? Are you chasing happy? Or is happy chasing you? Or are you sitting in the midst of the chase, pleasantly enjoying your latte?

Might I suggest that the key is finding somewhat of a balance of all three phases and perhaps even experiencing all three at the same moment. At times, you may find yourself chasing happy, happy chasing you, and with any luck, soaking up happy. Happy is in the chase, it's chasing you, and it's surrounding you.

As we do.