Clearing Karmic Sexual Trauma

Some of us come with a dysfunctional relationship with sexuality. We come feeling broken, pained, insecure, and undesirable. We either hide our sexuality from the world, shut off our desires completely, or we use sex in a destructive way, we abuse ourselves in dysfunctional relationships, and use sex a weapon to punish ourselves. Neither scenario creates a life of pleasure, of openness, or love. Sometimes our sexual wounds go beyond this lifetime, they take us to a place we cannot remember and yet our bodies hold muscle memory to the abuse, misuse, and pain.

If you have always had a challenging relationship with sexuality but nothing in your personal life creates a blueprint as to why, you may be experiencing karmic sexual trauma. What does this mean? I am referring to past life trauma. Although we may not all remember our past lives with clarity, the information from them lives on within us, particularly trauma.

Clearing karmic sexual trauma can open a doorway you never knew existed. Inviting you into a world where sexuality is beautiful, sex is pleasurable, and you are loved inside and out. I have personally assisted in clearing this type of trauma and it is such a beautiful experience to behold. It is also not as challenging a process as it seems. By looking at the trauma and differentiating it from the present time, a healing can be offered to the past life in which the trauma occurred. The past life is acknowledged, a loving healing is sent to the experience, and a separation is established between the past life and present. This is a very empowering experience in healing for an individual dealing with karmic sexual trauma. It is amazing how the energy of pure love can heal even wounds from the lives we don’t remember.

Alicia StilesComment