Closing out 2016

I know many have expressed their longing to close the door on 2016. I get it, it’s been a rough year on many accounts for many people. And yet for me personally 2016 has been one of the most epic years of growth in my 30+ years.

This past year I got divorced, moved 1500 miles, adjusted to being a single mom, spent countless hours in therapy and meditation, and dove head first into my work with Daring Spirits, which included declaring proudly to the world that I am a clairvoyant. I also finished my accelerated Bachelor’s program, dared to open my heart to a new relationship and made some powerful declarations about future goals. It’s been a year. It has not been easy on many fronts and yet, it has pushed me so far as a human being.

I am through and through an optimist. I take those lemons, juice em, add agave syrup, fresh mint, some seltzer and perhaps a little vodka and make a damn fine cocktail. This personality trait has served me well over the years and has kept me present in many uncertain circumstances. 

I know many of us look to 2017 with mild (or extreme) trepidation. Governmental changes that are spurring hate, fear, and uncertainty are heavy in many of our minds. This week I had my hairdresser ask me, as an energy worker, how I am advising people to move forward in this tumultuous time. I told her I'm advising people to choose love. To start with really loving themselves, to get clear about their intention (through active meditation), and then allow for guidance as to where their services will be best received. Safety mask first. If we can collectively do this, choose love and work on ourselves, we will all find this next year full of unexpected blessings.

Namaste and Happy New Year!

Alicia StilesComment