Coming Home

There is no greater feeling than coming home. The familiarity, the safety, and the sanctuary that home often offers can't be beat. It can be anywhere, not even an actual place, yet you know it when you are there. When you are with certain people, when you are in a particular location, even stepping into a new place, the feeling can consume you in moments: home. 

I've had people tell me they are never more at home than when they are playing their favorite instrument, when they are surrounded by family/friends, or when they are learning something new. Others associate a certain address as home. Home looks different for us all. And yet, we all do better with a sanctuary, a something or feeling to call home, a person, place, or thing that calls to us and welcomes us. 

I grew up moving around a fair amount. When I was looking to go to college, I didn't require eight trips to different schools to see if they "felt" like a fit or I could see myself calling it "home." I knew wherever I went would be fine. It would be home for the years I was there, no problem. 

I attributed that to my past with moving and having to adjust to wherever we landed. And yet, as I learned active meditation and discovered the "home" located within each of us behind our eyes, the center of our head, I realized, I had simply operated from that place of safety from within before I consciously knew it. I had always found home in my sanctuary in the center of my head, the space to connect with to view life from neutrality and non-judgement. 

The center of head (COH, as we refer to it) exists for each of us as a space for us and us alone. We don't have to invite others in or make room anyone (including great Uncle Steve who never wants to go to his actual home). In this space behind our eyes, we can be, we can have, we can rest, we can see, we can imagine. It's a place for us to create and to nurture ourselves and our spirits. 

If you have been looking for home, seeking to come home, without knowing what or where exactly you are searching to find or be, draw your attention to the center of your head, create a sanctuary within yourself just for you. Let yourself soak up the amazing you that you are and be at home in your amazing energy. Then the next time you are actually physically moving or changing things up in your world, you can know your personal sanctuary, your home, already exists securely within you. 

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