Creating - It's Like Riding a Bike

Once you have created space for something or done something, you can do it again. Did you know that?

If you have cooked dinner before, you can cook it again. If you have gotten a job, you can get another one. If you have made a friend, you can make another. Once you have created the space for something, your body, your mind, and your spirit all know it and can create it again.

The challenge is remembering that we know how to create it - because once we have created the space for something, we can do it again. Those pathways are there in our brain, and they exit for us energetically, too.

Do you ever find yourself thinking about reflecting on the past and wishing you had what you once had? "I wish I had my 20-year-old body again," or "I wish I had that kind of job again."

Your body, your mind, your spirit remembers. If you have been a runner in the past and taken a break, when you start running again, your body remembers (it may take a few days or weeks), however, it's not starting from scratch. Once we have done something, the wiring exists, the information is there.

The question then shifts to how to access the space in present time. Now that is a totally different scenario than attempting to figure something out from the beginning.

So, notice you have created the space. See how you want that similar space to match where you are in present time (i.e. you had a job in the past, you are ready to have a job in management now - similar space of a job, yet the next step). Start validating the space and breathing life into it by paying attention to it, doing one thing a day to foster the picture, feeding it by putting your energy into it and watch the magic unfold.

As we do.