Daring is as Daring Does


What does that word mean to you? 

We all come into this world to do amazing things be it run for President of the United States, President of the PTO, or somewhere in between. By simply showing up in the body we have the power to create and do marvelous, amazing, fun, boring, fabulous, challenging, loving, imaginative things. We get to do all "the things!"

Each of us walk a different path, no one path better or worse than the other, simply different. (Thank goodness because we would all feel completely bored if everybody were the same!) As we wake up to do our life, we consciously choose how we do it. We can live it feeling happy, sad, defeated, defiant, motivated, excited, and any other feeling that pops up along the way.

Daring to us here at DS looks like engaging fully in our lives - where we dare to notice and choose each step of the way. Some days that daring looks really easy while it feels really challenging. Some days that daring looks really challenging while it feels really easy. Life is funny like that.

When I was a junior in college, after being dumped by a boyfriend I thought was the "one," handling a few other home-life challenges, and feeling a bit defeated, daring looked like wearing a purple hat. Each cold winter day I would walk through campus to class wearing a silly purple hat to remind myself to not take life so seriously. Of course, my friends poked fun at me for wearing the hat and of course, I enjoyed their poking. We laughed and I laughed at myself. It was my way of being daring, showing up as best I could, despite feeling like things might never feel really great again. 

Daring looks different on everyone and for everyone. As you do you, how are you daring to show up? How are you daring to engage or as we say "go all in?" We would love to hear about it!

As we do. 

ps - our See Your Life program uses meditation to guide you to take your engagement in your life to the next level. 

Elizabeth GuilbeaultComment