Daring Spirit: Allyson Williams-Yee of Soul Trees

Allyson Williams-Yee is the creator of Soul Trees®. She is an artist and mom who is passionate about people following their dreams. She loves painting, creating, spirituality, exploring and using her intuition. After a long journey searching for how to combine her love for painting trees and spirituality, Soul Trees® evolved as the bridge. She has created three oracle decks that fuse her passions. 

We have enjoyed getting to know Allyson and know you will too! 

Daring Spirits: Tell us about a decision that felt really bold.

Allyson: About a year after graduating with my BFA I decided to make a big move from Michigan to Los Angeles, to pursue what I thought was my dream of becoming a special effects makeup artist. My boyfriend and I made the uncertain move together. 

Daring Spirits: Describe a time when things went "wrong" and then the Universe delivered.

Allyson: My time in Los Angeles was a very stressful time, in terms of my work and the disappointing discovery that I didn’t like the industry, things were not working out as I had hoped. I didn’t know where I would go career wise from there. I had no idea what else I even wanted to do aside from the pursuit that took me to LA. Although I had a BFA degree, I really didn’t consider myself an artist at that time. Throughout most of my time in college I was focused on special effects makeup. So it was back to the drawing board, which really bummed me out. I felt like a failure. 

My boyfriend (now husband) and I use to make frequent trips to the Barnes and Noble in Burbank. During one visit, I purchased the book, The Four Agreements. Around the same time, I also began using a guided meditation cd, which came to me through synchronicity. I used this cd several times a week, which I found an incredible experience. The combination of the simple yet profound insights within the book and the meditation created a real shift within me and was the beginning of my spiritual journey. Now that I was more open and feeling less sorry for myself I ended up finding a wonderful job teaching art, which grew my confidence and skills in my own artistic ability. Now I felt like an artist.

The move to LA was about embracing my inner artist and created a spiritual path. It was a turning point for me and completely worth the adventure and disappointment I went through initially. It pushed me into a place of self-discovery that was only the beginning of my journey. 

Daring Spirits: What's one thing you really want people to know?

Allyson: I want people to know that everything in life serves a purpose if you are open to the deeper meaning. Nothing is wasted, everything provides an opportunity for growth. It really is a journey.

Daring Spirits: Beach or mountains? Sweet or spicy? Window or aisle?

Allyson: I love both but water wins, so beach!

Sweet. I have a sweet tooth.

Window. I find a lot of inspiration and perspective watching the world. 

Daring Spirits: Thank you for sharing your story and insights. It is amazing what can unfold when open to the deeper meanings. 

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