Daring Spirit: Judy Brezner

Judy Brezner, owner of Judy Brezner Massage, is a licensed massage therapist with over 22 years experience. She uses an intuitive approach and believes that focus should be on the whole body in order to achieve whole health - body, mind, and spirit. Judy is a certified Medical Massage Practitioner, certified in Pre/Post Natal Massage, a Traditional Usui Reiki 2 practitioner, a certified Hospice Volunteer, and a Mayan abdominal massage practitioner.

Daring Spirits: Tell us about a decision that felt really bold.

Judy: When I decided to sell my business of 18 years. I did struggle a bit because it was such a huge part of my identity. Who would I be if I wasn't a business owner? What would my career look like? Ultimately I knew I was ready to let it go and that it was the right decision because my inner voice kept saying "I'm done." Once I was clear with my decision, the Universe presented me with the perfect buyer. I opted to be a solo practitioner and am very happy with my path.

Daring Spirits: Describe a time when things went "wrong" and then Universe delivered.

Judy: I firmly believe everything happens for a reason and that when things seem "wrong" or we have struggles it is to help us grow as beings.Experiencing 3 miscarriages and a failed IUI was really painful and had me questioning the reasons for these lessons. I was at the end of my rope and said "baby, come now or never" - and the Universe delivered my second son, Luke, 10 months later! I believe this fertility struggle led me to the Mayan Abdominal work so I could help other women with the same difficulties.

Daring Spirits: What's one thing you really want people to know (about the world, about you, about life — this is your chance to drop some knowledge!)?

Judy: I look at everything as a learning experience and opportunity, from daily interactions with others to major life events. It can be challenging at times when the experiences are not pleasant but the universe always has a plan that is in the best interest of your highest good. If you have faith, are honest, and stay clear in your thoughts it can be fun to watch the big picture unfold. In "divine time" everything always works out - and sometimes it is even better than you expect.

Daring Spirits: Beach or mountains? Sweet or Spicy? Window or aisle.

Judy: 100% Beach. I love the warm water and beaches of North Carolina.
Window. I like to look out and have a place to lean my head.

Daring Spirits: I kid you not, Judy had no idea that our theme this week was release when she did this interview - and yet here she is, validating that when we let things go and get out of our own way the Universe has room to play in our lives. Judy, thank you for your honesty and your deep insights. We agree, it is fun to watch the big picture unfold!

If you're in the area and want to experience Judy's healing work in person, you can learn more at her website, here: www.judybreznermassage.com

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photo: Judy Brezner