Daring Spirit: Kelly Epperson

Kelly Epperson is a ghostwriter, editor, and book coach. She believes that books change lives and is thrilled to help people fulfill their dream of becoming an author. Kelly has written more than 30 books, some for New York Times best selling authors, including one that sold 3 million copies.

She writes a weekly newspaper column and is a judge for the international Erma Bombeck Essay Competition. She was hired by Larry Winget (television commentator and NY Times best selling author) and Suzanne Evans (NYT best selling author and business coach) to be Book Coach for their exclusive high level mentoring programs.

Her writing has appeared in publications across the country and in Europe - The French Literary Review. She was named Female of the Year 2015 by Over 40 Females Chicago, and received the Founders Award 2016, Go Giver Award 2015, and Member of the Year 2014 from Engaging Speakers Chicago. 

Kelly's energy is infectious, no doubt simply through reading her interview you will feel refreshed and inspired to go do something a little daring!


Daring Spirits: Tell us about a decision that felt really bold.

Kelly: Oh, so many! But at the time, I felt anything but bold. I left my cushy government job at the IRS (hallelujah!).

I lived in France for a year, moving there not knowing anyone or any French. I divorced after 20 years. I started my own business. I bought a smart car. I remarried. (Best decision ever! My Prince Charming is the Poet of My Heart, my Angelboy, my JesusJohnLennonBuddha, my Everything Man!)

I sang karaoke (and I stink.) I let my hair go gray. I gave up caffeine. I went skydiving. (No need to do that again ever!)


Daring Spirits: Describe a time when things went "wrong" and then the Universe delivered.

Kelly: There probably is a long list there too since the Universe always delivers, but what immediately comes to mind is when I was divorcing and getting my own place. The condo I had planned on buying fell through when the owner changed his mind about selling at the last minute. After an exhausting whirlwind day of looking at 18 places in one day, I sat in my comfy chair and let it all go. I let go of worry and drama.

Then my phone rang. A for-sale-by-owner condo gal called to say she had dropped her price. I told her I needed something next week. She said, “I can make that happen.” And she did. We closed and I moved in 7 days later. THAT is the Universe providing a miracle! I am forever grateful for the healing energy of that place too.


Daring Spirits: Beach or Mountains?  Sweet or spicy?  Window or aisle?

Kelly: Mountains! Mystical, magical mountains bring me peace. 

Sweet! I have a total sweet tooth and a very wimpy palate. Spicy makes my tongue and lips burn; and I find it puzzling how anyone, including my husband, can enjoy that uncomfortable sensation. The corners of my mouth tingle now just thinking about spicy. (I better go get a cookie!)

Aisle. I have long legs and love to stretch when possible. (I have never tripped anyone or gotten hit with the beverage cart.)


Daring Spirits: Thank you, Kelly, for giving us a peek into your life (I daresay you almost lost me there with the giving up caffeine, though)!

In addition to her writing chops, Kelly is a popular speaker and workshop leader, and offers online courses and works one-on-one with clients. You can connect with her a number of ways if you're a writer or aspiring author. Find her at www.kellyepperson.com.