Daring Spirit: Key to Escape

A few weeks ago, a few of us Daring Spirits joined forces to check out Key to Escape, a fun new place in Nashua, NH. If you haven't heard of this type of place before, it is a timed adventure, where you and those playing with you solve puzzles and riddles using items hidden in the room and working together to escape. Luckily, we brought along a couple other clever, daring individuals to help us solve the challenges and piece together the solution. 

Not only did we find ourselves laughing and having a fantastic time while attempting to escape, we enjoyed meeting the owners and creators of the adventure so much we thought you would want to learn more about them and it too! 

Daring Spirits:  Tell us about a decision that felt really bold.

Key to Escape:  Leaving a job we knew how to perform, and had been doing for years to open an Escape Room, was pretty wonderfully terrifying! We knew we loved participating in them, and hoped we would be good at it, and love running one as well. Happily, so far it's amazing!

Daring Spirits:  Describe a time when things went "wrong" and then the Universe delivered.

Key to Escape:  For us, things go wrong every day! Locks break, computers crash, and we make it to the phone just a second too late. But every time we mess something up is another opportunity to learn, to grow, and to challenge our creativity.

Daring Spirits:  What’s one thing you really want people to know? 

Key to Escape:  Life can be fun, or life can be awful. What truly decides your path are your choices. You choose to be happy, to laugh, and enjoy everything.

Daring Spirits:  Beach or Mountains?  Sweet or spicy?  Window or aisle?

Key to Escape:  Having just moved back to NH after 8 years in South Carolina, I will gladly take the mountains!
I like sweet and spicy in combination, they even each other out!
Windows, always. The world is breathtaking from above!

Daring Spirits:  Thank you for escaping for a few moments to share a bit more about you with us. We love "challenging our creativity" - may the creative challenges continue! 

Key to Escape currently has two adventures open and host events and birthday parties too. To find your way to Key to Escape, visit their website for all the details.