Daring Spirit: Kim Conway

Kim Conway, a licensed therapist, combines traditional clinical skills with alternative healing methods. Her approach with clients is intuitive, mindful and spiritual. She integrates cognitive behavioral therapy, energy healing, spirit guided psychotherapy, transcendental healing, EFT, and regression therapy to help clients reach their goals and transform as the manager of A Centered Self, LLC.

A Centered Self is a Transformative Therapy and Counseling Center providing natural and innovative therapies to address struggles utilizing multiple therapeutic options. They address a wide range of needs, from managing every day stress, to bereavement, trauma, anxiety and depression. Clients may be looking solely for our alternative treatments, traditional psychotherapy or a combination of the two. Treatment is tailored specifically to client needs, often utilizing the resources offered from multiple clinicians. This enables clients to experience a wide range of support and guidance.

They run trainings, workshops and support groups on a variety of topics including relaxation, bereavement and spiritual development. A Centered Self is a place offering warmth, serenity and hope. We are happy to consult with you about your needs. 

Daring Spirits: Tell us about a decision that felt really bold.

Kim: Ever since I can recall, I have wanted to have my own private practice. I had many fears about doing so which held me back. However, a recent change in how I work with clients pushed my fears aside.

During the past 9 months, I began to have my own spiritual awakening and it changed how I was working with my clients. It all began during a reading I had with a psychic medium. The message was to transform how I was working, it described my own practice, space and others who would join me. It was overwhelming, but in a really good way. The medium (Karissa) and I began to develop a technique together to help clients reach their goals, using her knowledge from the spirit world and my psychotherapy skills. We particularly love doing this with trauma survivors and bereavement.

By last December, I realized in order to do this in an expansive way, we needed to physically be working together. In January, I decided to leave the group practice I was in to open my own center in order to further develop this new way of working. All of my fears about having a lease, finding clients, managing other professionals, taking on all of the responsibilities involved, fled. Something changed dramatically inside of me and I became determined to open this small center. Fear turned into excitement and drive….and now here I am, the manager of A Centered Self, LLC. I am more excited about my work than I could ever imagine being! I pulled it all together in just a few weeks!

Daring Spirits: Describe a time when things went "wrong" and then the Universe delivered.

Kim: It is a little difficult for me to answer this question, because I truly believe the Universe always delivers, even if it is not what we hoped it to be. There are lessons learned in everything. Just as with everyone, there have been many disappointments in my life. However, as my life progressed, each time it would all make sense and seem for the better. It is about waiting for the present to turn into the future in order to understand how the Universe is delivering.

My most recent experience involved looking for a space to lease. Initially, Karissa and I had decided to do this together. But as the weeks unfolded, it occurred to me it was putting too much stress on her. I decided to be the sole person on the lease in order to relieve her. At first this terrified me, and I couldn’t understand how I would be able to do it or why it was unfolding this way. But as time passed, I noticed that I was growing personally in a huge way. I was letting go of fears and gaining confidence I never had. I enjoyed being in control of choosing the space, decorating it and deciding who would practice with us. I also had the joy of being reminded by my husband’s support and actions how fortunate I am in my marriage as well. He has supported and encouraged me beyond what anyone could ever hope for! 

Daring Spirits: What's one thing you really want people to know (about the world, about you, about life — this is your chance to drop some knowledge!)?

Kim: Life seems at its hardest when we think of ourselves as separate entities, as individuals. It is individuality that promotes fear and worry. We are all connected together. The belief that we are all one relieves isolation, fear and worry. It allows us to share our burdens and embrace the support of others. I believe there is a huge support system from the Spirt World guiding each of us through our lives. I hope to help others begin to feel this support and experience the many benefits. 

Daring Spirits: Beach or Mountains? 
Kim: Always the beach! I love the feel of the sand, the ever expansive view of the ocean and the sounds of the waves. I can literally sit on the beach for hours on end never tiring of its space. 

Daring Spirits: Sweet or spicy?
Kim: Sweet, sweet, sweet!  I must have a piece (or many pieces) of dark chocolate every day!  

Daring Spirits: Window or aisle?
Kim: Aisle - I need to feel free to get up.

Daring Spirits: Thank you, Kim! What a beautiful space you have created for healing. When we are on our path, in our truth, fear fades away. Thank you for reminding us of that today! 

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photo: Kim Conway