Daring Spirit: Lekesha Poole

Periodically we will approach people about being a featured Daring Spirit and they will respond with something such as "Oh, I'm not daring. I'm not doing anything special." We beg to differ. We each are unique and when we tap into our uniqueness, everyone wins. When we dare to trust our voice, the Universe rejoices.

This week, we have someone doing just that:  Lekesha Poole. She is an energy worker, reader, and healer. She uses her Clairvoyance and Mediumship to see pictures that represent moments in a person's life that are connected to emotions. Through these picture, energy is moved to clear a path for having and creating what they want in their life. She knows from her own experience, when you see it and name it, you make space for healing. Her readings highlight what may be holding a person back and says hello to release the energy or emotion. 

Grab a cup of eggnog and enjoy learning more about this joyful spirit, Lekesha Poole. 


Daring Spirits:  Tell us about a decision that felt really bold. 

Lekesha:  A decision that felt really bold....The embrace of having my expectations not being fulfilled or validated by men. In that acceptance I was able to find my balance and see myself with my own eyes to go on to create and have a healthy self esteem that reflects my level of integrity.


Daring Spirits:  Describe a time when things went "wrong" and then the Universe delivered.

Lekesha:  It was in 2011 that I had signed a rental lease and filled out my new hire packet in the same day. In 2012, I had an emergency surgery. The time in the hospital put me out of work and soon out of my apartment. I knew a lady by the name of Janet Green that I had been working with and taking classes from for about 2 years. In and at that time, she had partnered up with Elizabeth Guilbeault whom I only met via email. Through emails, Elizabeth suggested Clairvoyant training (now part of the Clairvoyant 101 and See Your Life programs). At this time, I knew that working a 9 to 5 was something I truly didn't desire to do anymore, but I had no clue what I was going to do. In saying yes to the training, I unknowingly connect to what I now can't see myself not doing. I started the training and right at the beginning of it I lost my apartment. My son and I moved in with my Mother. I gained a lot of weight and life was looking pretty yuckie suckie. In this training I was dealing with some real deep issues that without the support of the classes, I would've joined the circus...lol. 

After completing the courses, life revealed itself to me in a real manifesting way. I am not working a nine to five, I work different and varied hours, but it's hardly work. Hahaha. The universe gave me just what I knew I wanted and that was not working a "job."


Daring Spirits:  What’s one thing you really want people to know?  

Lekesha:  I want people to know that loving yourself is the most fun you will ever have in life!!! Have the courage to not let anything outside yourself compromise how you choose to feel about who & what you say you are. 


Daring Spirits:  Beach or Mountains?  Sweet or spicy?  Window or aisle?

I am a Beach Momma...
I like it Spicy.....
Please let me have that window seat....

Daring Spirits:  Thank you, Lekesha, for sharing your daring with the world! We love what you said about loving yourself. So true!

To connect with Lekesha for a reading, find her on Facebook