Daring Spirit: Alicia Stiles

Alicia is a deliciously creative bubble of love and truth. She believes that nourishing your body offers a deeper connection with spirit. As a holistic health coach and a clairvoyant reader, she sees the connection between body and mind.  

Often what stand in the way of success, in relation to our bodies, is on a deeper level than the food we choose to eat. Alicia is passionate about self-love and personal growth. When she isn’t joyfully creating in the kitchen, she’s loving up her two wild children, moving her body, and stretching her mind pursuing a degree in psychology.

We caught up with Alicia and asked her our questions, and her answers are bold and authentic. Here we go!


Daring Spirits:  Tell us about a decision that felt really bold.

Alicia: Last summer I made a very bold decision to go back to school. Nothing about my life felt like I had the time or energy to commit to this. I was the deliriously exhausted mother of two kids under four, most days felt like I was just barely surviving. But there was this pull from deep inside me, a calling.

Watching my sister fulfill a lifelong dream of a Tony nomination was all the motivation I needed. Dreams do come true, but you have to be willing to take risks and work towards them.

My ultimate goal to be a Holistic Therapist; combining all the modalities I've learned over the years to produce something new - therapy that involves energy readings and healings, with a focus on food and overall wellbeing.  I think I have something really special on my hands. 


Daring Spirits:  Describe a time when things went "wrong" and then the Universe delivered.

Alicia: Right around the time I started school, my spouse came out to the world as transgender. I had known for about a year, but the actualization of it was more challenging than I had anticipated. It suddenly felt that the perfect picture of my life - the home and nuclear family - was disappearing before my eyes.

I wanted to be ok with this huge transition, but I just wasn’t. I dove into self-discovery, self-realization, and self-love. I realized that the decision to just "be ok" with everything was inauthentic and ultimately was leading me down a path of unhappiness. This major unfolding of my life has put me more in line with my truth.

I feel for the first time in years that my heart and my eyes are truly awake. I know that my spouse’s transition has propelled me into my own transition, into my true authentic self. This awakening is what allowed me to find my way to Daring Spirits. I realized I wasn’t just an admirer of the magic they are creating here, I am a part of it. 


Daring Spirits:  Beach or Mountains?  Sweet or spicy?  Window or aisle?

Alicia: Beach for sure. There is nothing more gratifying than digging my toes deep in the sand. 
Sweet all the way. Chocolate feeds my soul! 
Window always,  for naps and sky gazing.


Daring Spirits: Isn't it amazing how we find our way, and how our growth can spark growth in those closest to us, as well? Beautiful. Alicia, we are wicked excited to welcome you to the Daring Spirits Team!

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photo: Alicia Stiles