Daring Spirit: Anne Bonney

Meet Anne Bonney: speaker, coach, catalyst, and... "change ninja?" (Yup. Totally a thing. And when you get to know Anne, you'll agree it's the perfect job for her.)

A successful corporate leader, Ironman finisher (more than once!), world traveler, motivator, speaker, and all around booty-bustin' rock star, Anne is currently focusing her speaking and life coaching on change. Specifically, helping people tap into their strengths so they can leap when they need to leap, empowering them to lead their lives the right way for right now. Whether it's personal or in business, Anne's enthusiastic style and infectious energy inspires people to jump in and thrive right where they are, even as they evolve toward new achievements.

I would also call her a "life junkie," because a quick read of her About page reveals a person who is having a big, broad, amazing life and loving it all! We grabbed Anne for a moment in between adventures to get her take on daring and how it's led her to this moment.  


Daring Spirits: Tell us about a decision that felt really bold.

Anne: Three months ago I dropped the security of my big fat corporate job and salary, put all my stuff (and my ego) in storage, moved half way across the country to live with my parents and start my own business as a speaker, coach and leadership trainer. On a minute by minute basis I vacillate between panic and euphoria but bottom line is, I saw my dream and I leapt! Feels pretty bold indeed!


Daring Spirits: Describe a time when things went "wrong" and then the Universe delivered.

Anne: Honestly, when I look back, I think the universe has always taken care of me, even before things went wrong.

That said, when I realized that I had married into a very unhealthy situation and I needed to figure out how to get out, and survive financially, things did fall into place in an uncanny way. I owned my house and it turned out that my semi-finished basement was just big enough for me to move into so I could rent out the other 2 rooms and have my mortgage paid for. I was able to find 2 great roommates within a month of his departure and lived rent free for over a year.

Then, I got an amazing job opportunity in New York City, but owning the house in Baltimore with the associated costs and risks paired with the high cost of living in New York wasn't going to be financially feasible.

The day I accepted the job in New York (hoping that I'd just "figure it out" with the house) I was talking to my neighbors and learned that they'd been looking for a house in our neighborhood for months, but couldn't find the right place. They came over and had a tour. They made me an offer that night and we closed 2 months later. It was amazing how it all worked out so smoothly, and I am so grateful for that ease during a challenging time!


Daring Spirits: Beach or Mountains? Sweet or spicy? Window or aisle?

Anne: Beach or Mountains? BOTH please.

Definitely sweet....and salty! Whoever invented salted caramel is on the express train to heaven as far as I'm concerned.

As far as airline seating, I prefer the window, but because of my commitment to hydration, it's just more polite for me to sit in the aisle.


Daring Spirits: Vacillating between panic and euphoria is a solid indicator (to us, anyway) that you're on the right track! Thank you, Anne, for boldly engaging with life yourself, and then empowering and encouraging others to find their daring so they can, too.

Click over and explore www.annebonney.com to see for yourself why the Universe dropped Anne into your path today!

photo: Anne Bonney