Daring Spirit: Patricia Bateson

Patricia (Pat) Bateson, is an author, energy healer, spiritual teacher, and Firewalker. Yes, Pat has actually walked on a bed of hot coals!

Pat offers her life experiences, wisdom, and practical tools to those who seek a path to wholeness. She believes change and growth are always possible. She inspires others to live in the moment and live each day with gratitude, grace, and a sense of wonderment...like a child.

Let's jump in and see what Pat has to say about daring. 


Daring Spirits: Tell us about a decision that felt bold.

Pat: Last June I ended a chapter of my life as a health care practitioner and opened a new door to the world of writing and publishing.

After 35 years as a registered nurse, I decided to hang up my nurse's cap and pursue new endeavors. Gutsy move, you bet, but my heart was yearning for something more. I listened!

In May of 2015, with the support of my family, I published my first book. It's entitled, "Firewalk." I am now sharing its messages of hope and love with the world. 

Vulnerability and daring greatly are meaningful words that symbolize what my book is about. Honesty, truth and courage are weaved throughout the pages and my intent is that the reader will recognize their own boldness and the possibilities that lie before them. "What you see, you can create - for YOU are powerful beyond measure!"


Daring Spirits: Describe a time when things went "wrong" and the universe delivered.

Pat: I'd have to say it was in 2003 when, at the young age of 45, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. 

I plummeted into a "dark night of the soul" and felt like I was dying inside and out. It was a very scary time. I believed that I was a victim, and had no control over my life and the hand I had been dealt.


In retrospect, I now recognize that the health situation was an awakening. With a hearty dose of self love, gratitude, and a sense of humor, I awoke from the dream to recognize that I am the creator of my destiny. Believing big, having followed my heart and taken that first step, I now live the life I imagined!!


Daring Spirits: Beach or mountains? Sweet or spicy? Window or aisle?

Pat: I'm a beach girl at heart. Sandy beaches, seagulls, sunshine and a smile!

Sweet without a doubt. The sweeter, the better!!

For long trips, aisle seat - no need for details. Shorter trips, I'll take a window seat any day so I can gaze out at the majestic universe in all her glory!!!


Thank you, Pat, for sharing a sliver of your story. Your honesty and hard-won connection to your truth are inspiring! 

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photo: Patricia Bateson