Daring Spirit: Seren Elizabeth of Serenity Massage

This week we introduce you to Seren Elizabeth. Seren is a homeschooling mama, gentle birth supporter, lover, fighter and business owner. Seren says that growing a family and a business simultaneously can be a challenge, but the balance between careful planning and surrendering to the flow help keep her focused. 

It's apparent that her intention to find a balance that fits for her and her family is working. She has two amazing kids (and another one on the way!) and a thriving massage business that is an absolute sanctuary. 

Spend any time at all with Seren, and her...well, her serenity (there's just no other word for it!) will surround and uplift you. It even comes across in her interview!


Daring Spirits:  Tell us about a decision that felt really bold.

Seren: The decision to start my own business at 23 years old seems pretty bold to me now, but back then it seemed like my only choice. I was raising my young son and massage was my passion, but I've never been good about playing by other people's rules. I knew that if I wanted to live the life I dreamed, to be a homeschooling mother and a healer, I needed to make a change and make my own rules!

Now, 7 years later seeing how Serenity has grown, with help from my amazing business partner Bethany,  I can't imagine my life with out it. Or with out homeschooling, either! We have built our lives the way we like them, from work to play and everything in between - including education.

I won't say it's an easy path, but it's the one my soul feels good to be on! 


Daring Spirits:  Describe a time when things went "wrong" and then the Universe delivered.

Seren: Things always go wrong. I don't think a single day goes by when part of a plan doesn't seems to fall apart, ask my love, Dave; he will tell you the only part of any plan of mine that's consistent is that it is always changing! Hehe.

But when I step back, and the universe steps in, things fall into place. If I had to give a firm example of that it would be he birth of my son Dylan. I was young, in a hospital, and only slightly educated about birth. I was a woman in labor, not knowing what to expect. That experience, I've come to learn, was normal. It was a normal American birth story. But it was wrong for me. I didn't feel empowered, encouraged or excited about it. I knew deep down that there was more to this than I had been led to believe, so I went on my quest -  my birthing quest.

Over this past decade the universe has unfolded in so many beautiful ways for me to share in the births of many beautiful mamas and their babies. I've seen what a birth can look like at home or in the hospital, without intervention, poking or prodding. I've seen truly that less is more, that women are strong and birth is amazing. I have been be absolutely reminded that there is no plan, and the when we let go, everything will fall into place.

If my first birth experience hadn't felt so dissonant to what I knew in my heart, I may have never been part of so many births as a doula. Perhaps I would not have welcomed my second son Jason peacefully at home, with my first born, Dave, a dear doula friend, and a midwife by my side.  But I did. I faced my fears, relived my trauma from my first birth, and found courage and joy in my second.

I birthed not without fear, but through it; with compassion and love for my body and my power. It was the most amazing feeling on earth. 


Daring Spirits:  Beach or Mountains?  Sweet or spicy?  Window or aisle?

Seren: I can't I have them all? I mean it's all situational right? Beach in the summer mountains in the winter? Window for he view, aisle for the convenience... And of course sweet candy and spicy Korean food!! Gotta have it all! 


Daring Spirits: This: "I knew that if I wanted to live the life I dreamed...I needed to make a change and make my own rules!" How many amazing daring stories begin in that very place? I'd be willing to wager, most of them. Seren, you're an inspiration and we are grateful for your story. Your powerful message about our strength as woman and as people is one that many people want to hear.

If you find yourselves in the Boston area, and want a place to reconnect with yourself, check out Serenity Massage. Your mind, body, and spirit will thank you! Visit online here: Serenitymassagema.com

photo: Seren Elizabeth