Daring Spirit: Suzanne DiMeco of Boston Green Realty

Suzanne DiMeco wears many hats. She's a business owner, senior yoga teacher, sustainability consultant, spiritual practitioner, homesteader, visionary, activist, lover, passion enthusiast, mother, wife, friend, and life long student of the big picture.  

I'm not kidding - she's a powerhouse! Spending time with her is always inspiring, and never boring.

By day she co-owns Boston Green Realty with her husband, and they stand as a strong real estate player in the Boston Market for the past 15 years. 

By late afternoon she is a mother and homesteader with visions; by night, a lover focused on the moon's healing rays!

Yes, she is able to get caught up in the bustle and be held still by each conscious inhale. No matter how busy or stressful her activities may be, keeping hydrated and in touch with the meaning of life is how she keeps her sanity. In letting love be her constant guide, she is able to achieve huge things. 

She is the mistress of going all in - for example, Boston Green Realty is Massachusetts' 1st certified Ecobrokerage and is a Green Certified business. They stand apart from traditional brokers with their vast knowledge of Boston's residential investment properties and love to educate people on how they can use real estate as a source of income. 

We pinned Suzanne down between play and rest and got her to share how she does all that she does. Fasten your seatbelts and enjoy the ride!


Daring Spirits: Tell us about a decision that felt really bold.

Suzanne: A decision that was bold...after much meditating and manifesting, we recently decided to embark on a business endeavor of great size. I'm talking great size both in physical form - it's a 5-story residential building with commercial units - and in dollars (don't even try to guess, we're not done yet!).

In this bold endeavor, we feel we are living one of our dreams. We're building a new building that will be Boston's most green (environmentally friendly) and technologically advanced (high performance) building to date. The City of Boston previously gave a silver shovel to the current greenest smart building. I believe our building can double the performance of that awarded building, so I am envisioning a gold shovel for us, lol!

As we advance further into this project, signing binding contracts etc, I have to continually exhale the fear and inhale my reality! I find simple breath work helps when boldly taking actions.


Daring Spirits: Describe a time when things went "wrong" and then the Universe delivered.

Suzanne: Last year, I was invited to give a lecture on energy efficiency and the benefits of winterizing properties/homes.  At the enthusiastic encouragement of the popular company that invited me, I began to not only spend countless hours on creating this lecture, but also my own money. I started a constant contact account, had my intern work on ideas, and did other expensive things out of pocket...only to have no one show up for this event.

It was a complete loss of my time and money. It would be easy to say I didn't receive anything at all from all this hard work and money spent, but I have come to realize in business (after many years and many loses) that it's the nature of business to win sometimes and lose some. That was the lesson the universe was providing to me through this event.

Everyone likes to spin things in a positive way when things go wrong, but I feel that losing some is part of the natural balance. I only wish to attain equanimity in my business life and ride the waves of hype & despair only once in awhile.


Daring Spirits: Beach or Mountains?  Sweet or spicy?  Window or aisle?

Suzanne: Ocean or Mountains - This is a hard choice, but mountains for sure! I love to breathe in the fresh air and consciously rejuvenate my heart chakra with all the green plants and trees. Being with trees and their gorgeous roots systems helps me to ground down and appreciate the earth's constant support under my feet. I enjoy feeling dwarfed by the large mountains - it evokes the humble feeling of my problems being small in comparison to the larger mountains and forests!


Sweet or spicy.....Another hard one for me! If I have to choose, I can't resist the juicy mouth-watery, orgasmic trance-y state that comes from the taste and smell of sweet sugary foods. I feel blessed when I eat sugar, as if I am a queen bee able to enjoy the sacred fruits of the world! For me nothing beats the fresh nectar from sweet fruits, or the deep tones of dark chocolate, or my fresh baked muffins...oh so good. I also like to link my sweet tooth to a feeling that I wish to project into this world....as like Aerosmith so wisely sang...Sweet Emotions! I want to be a sweet person, and hopefully I leave that taste in a person's minds after they hang with me for a little.


Window or aisle -  The window, with its vast views of world. I like to look out and visualize that I can place myself wherever I wish out that window. The window can be a tool for realizing just how many different view points one can have on the same landscape. Your perception is relative to your viewpoint. If you don't like the view on something, then change your seat!


Daring Spirits: When are we all going away on a mountain vaca? Doesn't she make it sound blissful? Thank you, Suzanne, for your beautiful imagery and powerful testament to the power of manifesting!

Boston Green Realty is a boutique real estate firm focused on residential sales, rentals and management as well as specializing in green properties & investments throughout Greater Boston. Visit their website at www.bostongreenrealty.com.

photo: Suzanne Dimeco