Daring Spirit: Scott David Chase

This week, we got to meet up with the artist, Scott David Chase. Scott grew up on the seacoast of NH and has participated in many aspects of the local arts community, including acting (both onstage at the Player's Ring in Portsmouth, NH and as part of the award winning independent film Sharp Dressed Men), music (both as a vocalist/ composer and producing albums for other artists), and painting.

His latest solo show, A RETRIBUTION GOSPEL CHORUS features 13 new paintings of animals of the northeast. The show will be on display at the White Heron Tea and Coffee Community in Portsmouth Nov 1-30, 2016. 

We know parts of his story will resonate with the artist spirit within you!

Daring Spirits:  Tell us about a decision that felt really bold.

Scott:  Leaving a job with a company i had been with for 11 years to open up my own record store. (Renfield Record Exchange, in Jerome AZ)
Daring Spirits:  Describe a time when things went "wrong" and then the Universe delivered.

Scott:  While i was in Arizona, my relationship of several years ended. This was a pretty tough blow, but ultimately it led to a renewed focus on my painting and opened artistic opportunities up to me that I would not have noticed had I still been in that relationship.
Daring Spirits:  What's one thing you really want people to know?

Scott:  Movies are best enjoyed in a MOVIE THEATER. :)
Daring Spirits:  Beach or Mountains? Sweet or spicy? Window or aisle? 

Scott:  Mountains. I love the ocean, but nothing beats the White Mountains.

I've got a serious sweet tooth.

Always Window. I cringe at the prospect of flying, so when I MUST, I try and sleep for as long as I'm able, leaning against the window is crucial.

Daring Spirits:  Thank you, Scott, for taking time to connect with us and share your journey. It is true that sometimes when something ends, it creates space for us to connect more fully with our true path. Sounds like you took the opening to do just that! 

If you are in the seacoast NH area, check out Scott's show going on during the month of November here

Photo credit: Scott David Chase. (One of the paintings from his current art show)