Daring Spirit Update: Ashli Stockton of Sunday Forever

Ashli has been busy creating and manifesting and making the world prettier - lucky for us! Together with her fur babies Ted and Wyatt (two astronomically adorable teacup Yorkies), Ashli has been on a mission to stretch the sweet vibe of a lazy Sunday into the rest of the week. We're excited to have her back to tell us about the good things she's been doing.


Daring Spirits: What have you and the Universe been up to since we last connected? 

Ashli: Since the last time we connected I started a brand called SUNDAY FOREVER! It's something that I had been lightly working on for quite a while.

The idea behind SUNDAY FOREVER was born out of the crazy anxiety and depression that I experienced nearly every Sunday around 6pm (Sunday Blues anyone?) when I was working at a career that no longer spoke to me. I clearly recall thinking that this was no way to live and that things had to change. My goal became clear - to design a life where Sundays felt like any other day of the week. Then I went on a quest to discover what I was truly passionate about.

In my previous life as a corporate executive (shoulder pads and sneakers!) I was fortunate enough to be able to travel around the world and that's when I fell in love with Japan, the attention to detail and ritual of it all. This is also when I discovered Kimonos. I brought one home with me and lived in it...but there were things I wanted to change...the color and print, the fit, etc.

I started with the intention of recreating the perfect Kimono for myself and then once I saw the final product I thought other people would enjoy them, too. There's something about putting it on, tying the sash tight and lounging around that just feels so good. So, at SUNDAY FOREVER we make Kimonos and other Nice Things. Things that also comforted and helped me when I was having serious trouble getting through the day. Things like White California Sage, Coconut Incense, Evil Eye bracelets. Good vibes only around here. 

Daring Spirits: What's the coolest thing you've been learning, seeing, or experiencing lately that is rocking your world?

Ashli: Wow, so so much. I'm a super curious person in general and truly believe I'll be learning for the rest of my life. Right now, for me, it's all about gratitude and energy.

When starting a business or putting anything personal out into the world you can start to feel vulnerable and judged. I'm learning to try to let those feelings go and focus on the positive. On the people who like, love and appreciate what I'm doing. Because in the end, that's what matters. 

Daring Spirits: What amazing things are you looking to do next?

Ashli: I'm living in the moment at the moment! I do want to continue to grow and evolve SUNDAY FOREVER. I'm learning so much and meeting really great people along the way. Also, I don't even know what day it is so, mission accomplished? ha!

Daring Spirits: Chocolate or vanilla? Night owl or early bird? Dog or cat?

Ashli: Vanilla! Night Owl...Wyatt and Ted would say Dog (but I do want a bunch of cats too, don't tell them)

Daring Spirits: Let go of judgement and focus on the positive - Ashli, you took the words right out of our mouths. Thank you for putting the SUNDAY FOREVER vibe out into the world and for making such Nice Things.

I (Barbara) am lounging in one of Ashli's gorgeous Kimonos as I write (this one, in fact). I think it makes my writing nicer, don't you? ;)

Go see more at www.sundayforever.com, and be sure to follow Sunday Forever's inspiring and beautiful social media channels.