Daring Spirit Update: Julie Kramer of Shift Clothier

Today we welcome back the first featured Daring Spirit, Julie Kramer of Shift. Julie has been in full-on creation mode since we last spoke, and she's joined us once again to bring us up to speed on all the daring she has been up to.. 

Welcome back, Julie!


Daring Spirits: What have you and the Universe been up to since we last connected? 

Julie: There has been a lot.  Almost so much that it feels like nothing has changed, if that makes sense!  

On a personal level, I have worked on my eating habits and have made a point to cook and eat healthy.  I have also been very diligent in exercising and getting my body moving.   

As far as my business goes, after taking a few classes in leather work, I have recently introduced small leather goods in my collection.  Leather work is very fun and satisfying for me to do!  Fun stuff! I have really approached my business differently this year. When I need something or some one, it or they just show up!  Thank you, Universe!


Daring Spirits: What amazing things are you looking to do next?

Julie: I also started another company that is for products that I invent.  I actually have invented a new product that is currently under wraps.  I am really excited about this product and can't wait to reveal!!!  The Universe is working with me and will bring the funding I need to get this project moving forward!


Daring Spirits: Chocolate or vanilla? Night owl or early bird? Dog or cat?

Julie: Chocolate, of course!

Night owl!



Daring Spirits: Thank you, Julie, for once again gracing us with your beautiful, creative, and adventurous spirit. You always inspire us here at Daring Spirits. We can't wait for the big reveal on your product! 

To keep getting inspired by Julie, and to check out her current collection, visit her website and follow Shift on Facebook and Instagram.