Daring Spirit Update: Little Bird

We first connected with Little Bird back in October (see their first feature here). Since then, they have been in full-on creative mode, expanding their business offerings and living each day to the fullest. When daring spirits are uplevel and do even more cool things, we like to reconnect and hear all about it. Without further ado, let's chat with Sara Meyer of Little Bird!


Daring Spirits: What have you and the Universe been up to since we last connected? 

Sara: Um, like a million things. We've celebrated birthdays, anniversaries, been to the beach, explored the world, cooked a lot of amazing things, and tried to remain patient and lucid throughout.  Emphasis on the tried.

On the business side, and most importantly, we've decided to shift our focus towards our increasingly popular Fire Syrup™. It's like honey, but with a KICK!


Daring Spirits: What amazing things are you looking to do next?

Sara: I'm working on an eBook filled with intriguing and accessible recipes - we will announce the release pretty soon.

We are really putting our biggest efforts into our newest products: our Fire Syrup™ andFire Powder™. We are just bringing them to market and the response has been OUTSTANDING! You should try some.


Daring Spirits: Chocolate or vanilla? Night owl or early bird? Dog or cat?

Sara: Well, I prefer to eat pieces or bars of chocolate, but prefer vanilla cake and ice cream. That being said, our Fire Syrup™ on Chocolate ice cream? So So So good! I call it Coyote Howl. 

Corey and I are different - I'm a total early bird - sleeping til 7a is sleeping late for me. I think I'm slowly slowly convincing Corey to become one too. *wink*

We don't currently have any pets, but we used to have two dogs. Our neighbors have a Rhodesian Ridgeback and a brand new puppy. Having two dogs next door is pretty great. We get all the pleasure without the cleanup! 


Daring Spirits: Scope out Little Bird's site, www.littlebirdchocolates.com, where you can find their delicious treats online and perhaps - if you're really lucky - in a store near you. Also, be sure to follow them (and the adventures of Steve the Pepper) on Instagram!