Daring Spirit Update: Pat Bateson

Patricia (Pat) Bateson is a writer, energy worker, spiritual teacher, oily Mama [essential oils, that is] and published author. Pat’s book is entitled, “Firewalk...Transcending the Fear...Awakening to Love. Her story is symbolic of the Phoenix rising, for she is indeed a true healer and spiritual warrior. In addition, Pat has published articles in Breast Cancer Wellness and Coping Magazine. Pat is a “townie,” born and bred in Andover and simply loves the feel of her community and the people in it!!
Daring Spirits: What have you and the Universe been up to since we last connected? 

Pat: Since we last connected, I have been playing a lot with my new grandbabies. Sooo much fun!

In between the giggles and tea parties, I created an on-line video class titled “Awakening to the New You,” which is about waking up to the truth of who YOU are and becoming just that. It is chock full of tools, a beautiful meditation and tips for changing your life to what it is you innately desire.

Being a lover of Young Living Essential Oils, I have expanded my business to include amazing treatments such as the Raindrop Technique and an Emotional Well Being class. Both are rejuvenating and so very nurturing to the body, mind, and spirit.

Lastly, I appeared in a video titled “Long Way From Home.” The goal of this video is to bring awareness to the topic of drug addiction, something I am extremely passionate about.

Daring Spirits: What's the coolest thing you've been learning, seeing, or experiencing lately that is rocking your world?

Pat: The coolest thing I’ve been feeling and experiencing over the past few months is that the world is shifting and changing rapidly! Whoa...and this has allowed me to practice and use all my wonderful meditation tools from Daring Spirits, such as the grounding cord, protection roses and my gold sun to keep me grounded, centered, and balanced during this time of growth and expanded-ness.

I teach a variety of Angel Classes to both children and adults, and my connection to this realm provides me with love, support, guidance, and nurturing - exactly what I need during this time of positive change that might not always feel that way in the moment. My angels go with me everywhere (not kidding) and they bring such fun and play into my life. “Slow down, breathe, and know that all is well,” is what they often tell me. I do intuitively know that, but my angel guides whisper sweet reminders in my ears often.

What I’m also hearing is that self-care and taking time to nurture ourselves is key. Take time to smell the roses is a metaphor for us all.  

Daring Spirits: What's the coolest thing you've been learning, seeing, or experiencing lately that is rocking your world?

Pat: see above

Daring Spirits: What amazing things are you looking to do next?

Pat: As I shared, writing is my passion and words create a picture, a story that can impact and inspire another human being on their journey. Empowering and uplifting others is what I do best and that will be the goal of my next project. I plan to create and publish an e-book which will reveal stories of truth and courage that will uplift your soul and bring blessings into your life. Full of goodness and grace, it will simply touch your heart and fill you up with love and a deep reverence for life. 

In the meantime, I am submitting articles to transformational magazines in hopes of getting published. Spreading the messages of faith, peace, and joy is part of my mission on this planet, allowing folks to see - really SEE - their own magnificence so they can spread their wings and fly!

As the days get warmer I feel the calling to move outdoors, put my hands into the dirt, and ground my feet into Mother Earth. Every year I prepare my Buddha garden, which is chock full of gorgeous white flowers with a statue of Buddha sleeping at the center. It is here in my sanctuary where I will meditate and find peace in the stillness during the summer months. It is simply divine!

Daring Spirits: Chocolate or vanilla? Night owl or early bird? Dog or cat?

Pat: Vanilla please.. especially ice cream, although I’ll take a dribble of chocolate sauce on top and a cherry too!!!

DS: Night owl or early bird?

PB: I used to be an early bird when I was a nurse, and now that I am no longer practicing I am finding that I enjoy the quiet of the evening with a hot cup of tea and a good book or perhaps a journal.

DS: Dog or cat?

PB: Dog lover for sure and the bigger the better. I am enamored with floppy, slurpy dogs that like to romp and play and be silly...just like me!

Daring Spirits: Thanks for catching us up with you, Pat - everything you're working on looks so good!

If you're interested in connecting with Pat or reading her book, you can reach out to her via her website: http://path2healing.us/ or find her on Facebook or Instagram@pathtohealing.us

photo: Pat Bateson