Daring Through Fear

I am constantly amazed when I realize a new life event in which I can utilize my meditation tools. That’s the thing about having an active meditation practice, you can use it absolutely anywhere, including while dangling forty feet in the air attached to a harness. I should start by saying that although I think of myself as very daring when it comes to putting myself out there on an energetic limb, I usually keep my feet firmly on the ground. I went on the Super Loop one time at a fair and still remember thinking I wasn't going to make it out of there! All that being said, for some strange reason I have been drawn to this place near my house called Take Flight Adventure Park. It’s Maine’s largest aerial adventure course, consisting of over sixty activities and elements ranging from ground level to forty feet in the air. I’ve driven by it countless times and thought about how fun it looks, the spider webs, and tire swings, the daring people venturing across the sky.

I strive to balance being fearful and daring. So I found myself, to my own accord, getting harnessed up with a friend a bit more adventurous than I. As we started on the course I could feel myself tapping into an old pattern with fear:  checking out. My first chakra (safety and security) was wide open making things feel more intense. My limbs felt odd, like they weren’t my own. I was leaving my body. Not physically, but spiritually.

So here’s what I did, I grounded. Hard. I closed down my first chakra a bit and imagined a giant tree trunk from my first chakra all the way to the center of the earth. I was grounded, even as I climbed higher and higher above the actual ground, I was still grounded.

The other thing that happened was that I was reminded of amusement. My friend was having a blast, so comfortable and at ease in the same exact situation. This also shifted my perspective, reminding me the power amusement can have in just about any situation. And you know what, I had FUN! I wasn’t even scared (ok, maybe a little). As I balanced on rope bridges while hanging forty feet in the air, I laughed and felt daring.

Here’s the thing about facing fears, it really does make you feel awesome. I felt daring in a whole new way and I will utilize my tools in this capacity again.

For more information and to visit Take Flight Adventure Park, check out their site here

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photo: www.takeflightadv.com


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