Dear Big Toe

Dear Big Toe, 

I know that I rarely stop to appreciate you. I walk around all day and never pause to thank you. Although I do appreciate what you do, I seldom acknowledge just how much you do for me. Please accept this letter of appreciation and thanks for your service to me and the rest of our body. We would be off balance and walk funny without you.


So often we move through life without pausing to appreciate the little things and the big things. As we rush around, we can forget the little things. 

This last week the weather in New England has been beautiful, unseasonably warm, sunny, and clear. I have loved hearing people appreciate it and take advantage of it - playing outside, raking leaves, meeting at parks. Not only has the weather been a gift, the appreciation of the weather has been a gift.  

How many things do you take for granted on a daily basis? On a body level or otherwise? Take a moment right now to appreciate one or two of those things, then make it a regular thing to consciously appreciate someone or something everyday. You may notice some pretty magical things unfolding when you do.


Elizabeth GuilbeaultComment